To have..To Be… To Have – A Poem

I Have… I Am … I Feel… I Can… I am learning to… I Have

I have depression.

I am intelligent, brave, loving and creative.

I am sensitive.

I feel like I’m worthless.

I can be my own worst enemy.


I can also recognize when I’m depressed.

I am learning to nourish my body, to listen to my soul, to respect my boundaries, to celebrate the good times and to let love in.

I have the opportunity to live an extraordinary life.

Here’s how you can write your own To Have.. to be.. To have

I have (challenge)

I am (list the 5 best things about yourself)

I Feel (write how you feel when you are confronted with this challenge)

I can (write what you have tried already that hasn’t helped)


I can (write one small step you can take now)

I am learning to (write five things you are learning that help)

I have the opportunity to…..


About Nicole Simone Alexander

Hello dear reader. Who am I? Why am I here? I am a seeker always questioning and learning. My highest value is growth. Writing is one of the things I do to learn, grow and make sense of the world. Welcome to my blog.
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