Embracing Fear

Embracing Fear

Fear… it’s a four-letter word that any human being understands. We know most of our fears are unfounded but that doesn’t stop us investing our time and energy worrying about them.

I used to identify as suffering from ‘anxiety.’ I spent years perfecting my natural ability to worry by dedicating hours to it. My preferred hours for this important work were the middle of the night, the very time when I needed rest and sleep. My worrying thoughts became an obsessive mind trap and eventually an illness.

This part of me will never go away but it no longer has the power to run my life. I’ve learned to love and appreciate the gifts fear brings without falling into its seductive arms.

My secret?

I’m willing to meet my fear.

This is confronting but ultimately puts me, not the fear in control.

I’m dancing a dance with uncertainty at the moment. By investing my time and money in this business, Feel Real Heal, I’m embarking on a path that is not only different from everything I’ve known but also everything my family stands for and understands.

Some days I feel like a fraud – how can I ask people to pay money for my expertise when it’s not backed up by a university degree?

Where are the safety and protocols in this undertaking?

Surely I should rely on a system devised by something bigger than my little tender self?

What if I lose all my money on this venture and end up with nothing to show for it?

I’m pretending to my parents that I know what I’m doing. They love me and they want me to be happy. Most people believe that the way to be happy is to avoid fear, not engage in conversation with it.

This is was what my fear said to me at 4am today:

I’m afraid I’m taking unnecessary risks.

I’m afraid that I’ll lose everything I’ve worked so hard to gain.

I’m not going to pretend anything to you, my clients.

You are the brave ones who’ve signed up to come on this journey with me.

You are the ones who see your own courage and determination reflected in my stories.

You are the ones who wake up at 2am, 3am, 4am worrying if you can do it and then get up in the morning and do it anyway.

You are the ones who are so committed to your growth and expansion that you are willing to push at your comfort zone.

You are warriors – Gentle, loving warriors.

To walk this path I invite you to love yourself more deeply, more fully and more tenderly with every passing day.

I encourage you to face your fear and move through it.

I ask you to let go of your stories that are holding you back.
I can’t pretend it’s easy.

I can’t pretend it’s safe.

I can’t pretend it’s guaranteed.

I can tell you that your dreams will come true… So start dreaming…

I’d love to know more about you.
I think you’re amazing.


About Nicole Simone Alexander

Hello dear reader. Who am I? Why am I here? I am a seeker always questioning and learning. My highest value is growth. Writing is one of the things I do to learn, grow and make sense of the world. Welcome to my blog.
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